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Take the Biscuit offers unique dog walks and dog care in The Forest of Dean, Monmouth, Chepstow, Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds

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Dog walking and play

Interesting walks with a lot of sniffs and sights will ensure your dog is exercised in mind and body and will be more relaxed and chilled around the house when you get home. We can provide entertaining, stimulating walks in pretty places (or wherever you would like us to go) and have experience with big strong dogs as well as little tiddlers and everything in between.

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Dog Training

With over ten years of dog training experience and as members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers we can
incorporate training into your dog’s sessions with us. Basic training and manners are all part of our standard package if required and we will naturally discuss with you your dog’s training needs and ensure you are kept in the loop with their progress. Only kind, positive, reward-based methods are used.

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Puppy Playtime

Puppies need lots of attention, socialisation and stimulation right from the outset and on a daily basis. Too little in the early days can store up behaviour problems for
the future. Take the Biscuit can help you get this right by providing your puppy with exciting and varied play sessions which incorporate kind basic puppy training and manners to get them off to a good start pre-vaccination. Once their vaccinations are complete a mixed session of short puppy walks, safe socialisation and fun play training
with Take the Biscuit who have over ten years of puppy training experience with a national training organisation will make sure you are providing the very best for your new arrival.